Brigon 500-NT Baca Gazı Analiz Cihazı

Brigon 500-NT Baca Gazı Analiz Cihazı

Genel Özellikler


·         Infrared teknolojisine sahip sensörü sayesinde 5 yıl sensör değişimi yapmadan kullanabilme özelliği.


·         5 yıl garanti


·         Infrared technology combustion analyser with long-life CO2 and CO sensors, as well as high accuracy pressure sensor.


·         to measure CO2, CO, flue gas/ ambient air temperature, differential pressure


·         to calculate O2, COundiluted, stack loss qA, combustion efficiency Eta, lambda, CO/CO2


·         5-year-life CO2 and CO infrared sensors


·         No wearing O2 sensor


·         TÜV approved, EN 50379 part 1 and 3


·         Fixed Price Service


·         Direct and fast access to all readings per rotary switch


·         Bluetooth data transfer (option)


·         Data memory for 99 emission tests


·         Wide fuel range: Light Oil, Natural Gas, Pellets/Wood, L.P.G., Organis Oil, Coke Gas


·         Compact boiler analyser designed for servicing, commissioning and maintenance of oil- and gas-fired appliances to match the requirements of HVAC engineers




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